PETA calls for Brooke Houts’ YouTube channel to be removed after ‘dog abuse’ video

Animal charities have responded to YouTuber Brooke Houts’ latest video, which features accidentally uploaded footage that seems to show her hitting and pushing her dog. The YouTuber is facing a huge backlash after uploading an unedited version of a video that shows her appearing to slap and yell at her dog, Spinx, to her 300,000... Continue Reading →


PewDiePie outearns every other YouTuber by “millions” apparently

A new study has been released which estimates YouTuber’s earnings and you’re probably about to feel pretty poor… The study found that PewDiePie out-earned every other YouTuber in the list by millions, earning a potential $8 million from both advertising and merch sales each month, including more than $6.8 million from selling merchandise and more than $1.1... Continue Reading →

The date for Logan Paul and KSI’s rematch has been announced

It’s been almost a year to the day since we watched KSI and Logan Paul fight each other in a boxing ring in Manchester Arena. The match between the two YouTubers was tense and ultimately declared a draw, leaving both of them (and also us) slightly disappointed that neither was crowned the overall winner. Since then, there’s been a... Continue Reading →

James Charles accidentally revealed a dramatic new hairstyle

James Charles may currently be known for his deep brunette locks, but judging by a new post he accidentally shared to his Instagram story, that might all have changed. The YouTuber apparently made the classic mistake of accidentally sharing a video of a new hair transformation to his Instagram Story instead of a shared group and... Continue Reading →

A group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are suing YouTube for discrimination

The YouTubers claim YouTube has been wrongly demonetising their videos. Despite the existence of famous YouTubers like James Charles and Jeffree Star, YouTube has received backlash over its treatment of LGBTQ+ creators for years. Now a group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are suing the video sharing website and its parent company Google for allegedly discriminating against them. The YouTubers... Continue Reading →

Travel Across The US, Eat BBQ Ribs & Get $5000 Per Week. Not Kidding!

Got no great plans for the summer? Don’t fuss. We got you the perfect (and tastiest!) thing to do! America’s favorite aluminum foil brand Reynolds Wrap is once again hunting for its “Chief Grilling Officer” – one who would travel across the United States in search of the tastiest and juiciest ribs. And that ain’t all!... Continue Reading →

You Can Now Rent Tony Stark’s Cabin On Airbnb & Enjoy Living Like Iron Man

If you are still not over Iron Man’s demise in Avenger’s Endgame, then here is a chance for you to reenact the scenes from the movie and pay one last tribute to the beloved character. You can now rent Tony Stark’s cabin on Airbnb and live like the Iron Man. The iconic lakeside cabin where Tony Stark... Continue Reading →

633 Sea Divers Setting A World Record This Summer! What Are You Upto?

With so many people setting major goals for us around the world when it comes to cleaning, here’s yet another example created by the divers in a US State for a greener environment and a step that we all must take. 633 sea divers setting a World record in the coastal state of Florida in June 2019,... Continue Reading →

Intern At This Maldives Resort And Get A Free Two Week Vacation On The Island

Summer is the season of vacations and internships! While your friends are applying for a mundane 9-5 office internship, here is your chance to get a two-weeks free vacation in the Maldives, all you have to do is tend to cute turtles. Hope you like being surrounded by turtles and tortoise because they are going to... Continue Reading →

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