Technical Vlogger from India, Technical Guruji!!

Gaurav Sharma famous technical Vlogger from India professionally known as “Technical Guruji” is based in Dubai.

He makes video on technology in mother tongue “Hindi”.

He studied C++ coding in the 11th grade, and studied at a Kendriya Vidyalaya school. In 2012 he moved to Dubai to pursue a degree in microelectronics at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. In Dubai, he received a certification to work with security systems from the Dubai police, but also started a YouTube channel besides his work.

In October 2015 he launched his youtube channel “Technical Guruji” with the technical Product reviews which made him famous.

The channel grew quickly at its pace and in 2017 he created second channel on his lifestyle.

In 2018, Technical Guruji was ranked as the 9th most subscribed to tech YouTube channel. In November 2018, it was reported that Chaudhary was the first tech YouTuber to accrue more than 10 million subscribers.

 Technical Guruji has more then 14 million subscribers and 2500 videos on youtube and also has a Instagram page with more then 1.2 million followers and 512 posts till date!!

“Believe in yourself and your dreams”



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