WB Games Montréal might be teasing a sequel to Arkham Origins

As you may have noticed thanks to Epic giving away six Batman games for free and Gotham City arriving in Fortnite so players dressed as the notably gunshy superhero can, um, shoot each other with guns, it’s the 80th Anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics and everyone’s getting in on the action.

The Twitter account of WB Games Montréal, developers of Arkham Origins, contributed with a mysterious tweet. A 30-second video shows the Batsignal shining on the side of a building, and over the course of the video it flickers and transforms into several different symbols.

Speculation is rife that this means the people behind the third-best Arkham game are working on a follow-up, and thanks to one of those symbols looking quite demonic and another slightly owl-ish at a stretch the current theory is that it will feature Ra’s Al Ghul (aka The Demon’s Head), and the Court of Owls (a secret society who basically run Gotham) as its villains.

Which would be nice. Since Rocksteady seem to be done with the series I’d be happy for WB Montréal to pick up the torch.

(As a further PSA for Bat-fans, the version of Arkham Knight being given away by Epic has been updated and now includes the season pass . I just fired it up and, sure enough, extra story missions are all there as well as additional costumes and such. Apparently Lego Batman 3 has all its DLC now as well.)

Author: Jody Macgregor

Source: Pcgamer

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