Six Ages is finally coming to PC next month

Return to Glorantha in October.


King of Dragon Pass successor Six Ages is finally making the leap from iOS to PC, launching on GOG and Steam in less than a month. Oh good, another new release for October, the month of endless games.

I’m going to have to skip a lot next month, but I’ll absolutely be making room for Six Ages. Like its predecessor, it’s a clan management game with a storybook-style presentation and a hefty dose of roleplaying. You’ll need to juggle disputes within the clan, resource management and magical adventures, all while making calls that will affect the clan for generations.

All the Choose Your Own Adventure-style story sequences are informed by the simulation running under the hood, taking into account your relationships with other clans, how much you’ve got in your stores and if you’ve got enough warriors to help steal all your neighbours’ livestock. So while there are around 400 story sequences, there are a lot of ways that they can change beyond the choices you make in that moment.

There are plenty of similarities with Banner Saga—they’re also both lookers—but I’ve always found Crusader Kings 2 the best at capturing what King of Dragon Pass was doing back in 1999, at least until Six Ages came along. It’s a lot more complex, but the best bits, the dynastic roleplaying, is all very evocative of the clan management romp.

Historically I have been very bad at running Gloranthan clans (I murdered some intelligent ducks and still have some regrets), and I expect to continue this find tradition and create more international incidents next month.

Six Ages will launch on Steam and GOG on October 17.


Author: Fraser Brown

Source: PcGamer


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