Top 3 ecommerce Germany: €13.92 billion

The top 3 of biggest ecommerce companies in Germany had a total revenue of 13.92 billion euros last year. Together, the online sales of Amazon, Otto and Zalando account for 41.4 percent of the country’s top 100 of biggest online retailers.

The top 10 online stores in Germany still has the same names in the top three: Amazon, Otto and Zalando. This is shown in the E-Commerce Market Germany study from EHI and Statista, which shows the hundred biggest online retailers in Germany.

Last year, Amazon Germany generated sales worth 9.3 billion euros. At quite some distance, it’s followed by Otto (3.2 billion euros) and Zalando (1.4 billion euros). Fast growers can be found in product categories such as fashion and drugstores.

The best newcomer in the top 20 is Aboutyou, the online fashion retailer owned by Otto Group. Last year, the ecommerce company ended on the 24th place, but not it has entered the top 20 and ended on the 16th place.

Source: Ecommerce news Europe

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