Golfasian and Go Golfing tee it off

Golfasian, Asia’s golf tour operator, has established a historic partnership with Go Golfing from Australia. For the first time in its 22-year history, Golfasian will be offering fully escorted tours outside of Asia.

Pascal Orczech, director of business development at Golfasian believes the partnership will open the world and create new experiences for its golf travelers. The new product offering will be branded under Golfasian Discovery Tours and focus on worldwide destinations with luxury tours, escorted tours and cruises.

“We are always looking for new experiences for our golf travellers, which is why we decided to explore outside of Asia and establish Golfasian Discovery, a brand which will be the umbrella for bespoke golf tours and events across the globe,” said Orczech.

“Partnering with Go Golfing on events and tours in Australia and beyond is a natural next step as we have been partnering with them on popular golf events in Asia already with great success, such as the Centara World Masters or the most recent Vietnam World Masters Golf Championship for a number of years,” he added.

Peter McCarthy, managing director of Go Golfing said: “This partnership now gives golfers the confidence to dream a little bigger with their golf travels knowing they are in good hands. Many clients find touring with Go Golfing addictive.”


Author: Megha Paul

Source: Travel Daily Media

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