Amazon Pay, Paymentus to allow bill inquiry feature via Alexa

Amazon Pay has announced it is partnering with payment network Paymentus to allow US consumers to query Alexa devices about their bills.
Through voice, the companies want to make it easier for customers to learn about their bills. Via this partnership, they want to remove the friction around bill queries and enable the interaction in the moment. According to Amazon, forty million households living in 95% of US zip codes can now use the voice-based bill query capability.

The collaboration with Amazon will help Paymentus expand its network and add new forms of engagement between its client businesses and their customers. The reason that Amazon decided to roll out voice-based bill query capabilities through Alexa is the fact that bill inquiries are a significant pain point for consumers and billers.

Moreover, by connecting Amazon Pay to billers via Paymentus, customers are able to acquire additional details about their bills, such as when bills are due and changes compared to previous billing cycles. Amazon Pay credentials are already connected to Alexa devices. However, in order to use the bill query feature through Alexa, customers will need to grant permission to associate their Amazon accounts with their utility accounts.

Source: Paypers

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