New initiative to promote Karnataka on e-bikes !!

B: Live, an eco-tourism start-up which has pioneered the concept of electric vehicle (EV) tourism in India has launched its services in Karnataka. It offers immersive experiential tours on smart e-bikes, providing a clean mode of transport to the tourists and locals.

The start-up works closely with the tourism ministry of India to promote eco-tourism in India. After a successful launch in Goa, Puducherry and Gujarat, the company will now offer services in Karnataka starting with Mysuru, Hampi, Coorg and Srirangapatna. B: Live tours have been curated to showcase the rich art, heritage, culture and cuisine of the state to help boost eco- tourism.

Karnataka attracts more than 8.5 million tourists every year making it one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Eco-tourism initiatives like B:Live will encourage sustainable tourism practices, thus reducing the carbon-footprint of the tourists and help restore the environmental balance.

Talking about the launch, Samarth Kholkar, CEO and co-founder of B: Live said: “We are now joining the green movement supported by the tourism and state ministry with the B: Live launch in the state. Our tours offer a unique and fun way of exploring the city on e-bikes. We aim to redefine tourism with the first-of-its-kind tours which provide eco-friendly and an intimate experience of the rich and diverse culture of the state zipping through some of the most fascinating and beautiful experiences.”

Sandeep Mukherjee, chief operating officer (COO) and co-founder of B: Live said: “Our state-of- the-art, smart e-bikes deliver 50 km range per charge with digital screens for multi-info display and come with an accelerator and pedal assist mode for safety and effortless riding and zero carbon tourism in India.”


Author: Megha Paul

Source: Travel Daily Media

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