Janoskians one of the Famous YouTube Channel from Australia!!

A somewhat controversial group, the Melbourne-based Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) began posting their pranks and skits in 2011. While they’ve been criticised for sometimes taking their acts too far, that hasn’t stopped them from having a huge international fanbase, known as the Janoskianators. Check out ‘Awkward Train Situations’ – it’s everything you didn’t realise you completely relate... Continue Reading →

Super Wog one of the Famous YouTube Channel from Australia!!

In Australia, nothing is appreciated more than a person who can make fun of themselves. Brothers Theo and Nathan Saddian were raised by an Egyptian father and a Greek-Egyptian mother, and began their comedy careers by impersonating their parents at a young age. They used to laugh at their mother’s eccentrics, and it eventually progressed... Continue Reading →

Ozzy Man Reviews one of the Famous YouTube Channel from Australia!!

If you want an authentic taste of an Australian perspective on current affairs, look no further than Ozzy Man. Fond of the words ‘strewth’ and ‘tinny’, if you want a short course in Aussie slang, give this guy a ‘squiz’. The man behind the personality is Perth-based comedian Ethan Marrell, who started by making a... Continue Reading →

Charli’s Crafty Kitchen one of the Famous YouTube Channel from Australia!!

While this channel’s original purpose was to create an easy and relatable kids baking channel, nine-year-old Charli and her trusty taste tester, seven-year-old sister Ashlee, soon found their audience base skyrocketing. Concocted in the small town of Ormeau in Queensland, they have nearly half a million followers of all ages and rake in more revenue... Continue Reading →

SketchShe one of the Famous YouTube Channel from Australia!!

This cheeky sketch channel is made up of three Aussie women combining their love of music and comedy. Easy and entertaining to watch, the trio first went viral with their sketch ‘Bohemian Carsody’, and their follow up ‘Mime Through Time’ – where they employ quick costume changes to re-enact hit songs from the last 70... Continue Reading →

Lizzie D Youtuber from Britain!!

Introducing… a female gamer… Lizzie D! In an industry ruled by men, Lizzie D stands alone as one of the top female British gamer influencers. With 4.6 million subscribers, Lizzie can play with the big boys! Lizzie specializes in Minecraft gameplay videos and has formed a female gaming group. Formed in 2012, Lizzie recruited YouTube personalities: Vengelfe,... Continue Reading →

Thatcher Joe Youtuber from Britain!!

Otherwise known as Joseph Graham Sugg, British Youtube Star Thatcher Joe collects 8.1 million subscribers. At 28-years-old, Joseph Sugg is a vlogger, author, and television personality that has reached his target audience, and then some. His YouTube channel launched in November 2011 and it only took him two years to gain 1 million subscribers. Thatcher Joe furthered... Continue Reading →

EmilyTube Youtuber from London!!

This one is from left field… Meet 5-year-old, Emily Cozmiuc. (Yes, you read that right!) EmilyTube is dedicated to following the life of 5-year-old. What more could you want? They call her “pint-sized princess”, because of her infatuation with all things Disney. Her videos began so her extended family in Romania would be able to keep... Continue Reading →

Harry Lewis Youtuber from London !!

Harry Lewis cashes in over 14 million subscribers on his channel, W2S. Hmm, what does that number/letter combination mean? WROETOSHAW. Ah yes, can you use that in a sentence?  Wroetoshaw is a combination of Lewis’s favorite FIFA players, Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. Born in Alderney, Harry set up many YouTube channels to experiment with the millions... Continue Reading →

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