Snake Robots: Can You Watch This Without Squirming??

Are you afraid of snakes? What about robots? What about snake robots? Now here’s one of those new innovations in robotics that’s solving problems by combining two things that don’t quite seem to go together at first thought. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why most of us envision the human form when we think of the word “Robot?” What if the... Continue Reading →

What’s the Deal with Virtual Reality??

Has all the hype about virtual reality intrigued you? What’s going on with this virtual reality stuff anyway? By now, virtual reality (VR) has probably made it on to your radar screen in some way. Maybe you’ve only heard about it in bits and pieces, or maybe you’ve tried it yourself. Whatever the case, virtual reality feels like... Continue Reading →

How Do Space Suits Even Work??

People have been going into space for some time now and we’ve seen astronauts sporting all sorts of outfits to do so, but how do those space suits actually work? And how have they evolved over time to accommodate our ever-expanding explorations further from our home planet? We’re talking space suit fashion, or well, more accurately,... Continue Reading →

Powering Your World with Fish Scales?

Have you ever looked at a dead fish and thought, “Now there’s a technological innovation waiting to happen”? I’m guessing you haven’t, because honestly, who would. Well, after watching today’s video you may walk by the seafood counter at your local market feeling a little more inspired by new innovations. Liesl, why are you being so... Continue Reading →

Helping the Blind See With Their Tongues !!

“Technology, for me, it’s giving something back to somebody who was taken out of humanity.” – Andy Fabino What if we told you there are new innovations that can help about 285 million people around the world living with a visual impairment move around with a little more ease? 1 Okay, it’s easy enough to believe,... Continue Reading →

Saving the Rainforest with Old Cell Phones !!

Rainforest Connection is saving the rainforest with something sitting in your desk drawer! Rainforests have some of the most complicated soundscapes on the planet. In this dense noise of insects, primates, birds, and everything else that moves in the forest, how can you detect the sounds of illegal logging? The old cell phone you have hanging around and... Continue Reading →


What do California, Rwanda and Morocco have in common? They have all turned the plastic bag down Plastics are brilliant. They are an extremely flexible and long-lasting group of materials. Our consumption of plastic, on the other hand, cannot last. More than eight million tonnes of plastic are emitted each year to the ocean. This... Continue Reading →


Billions of people all over the world live without an official address or identity, and it makes almost everything in life difficult or impossible. But new technology allows everyone to tell where they live - with just three words. All Danish citizens have a little yellow plastic card with our health insurance and our civil... Continue Reading →


Finance can become one of the most important actors to solve some of the world's greatest challenges. Staggering 5-7.000 billion dollars. Per year. According to the UN, this is the level of investment that must be achieved if we are to reach the Global Goals, such as ending poverty, limiting climate change and achieving gender... Continue Reading →

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